10 Best Digital Watches for Men (2023)

Digital watches have come a long way since their inception in the 1970s, and today they offer more features and functionality than ever before. Whether you’re looking for a watch that can track your fitness goals, tell you the weather, or simply keep you on time, there is a digital watch out there that can meet your needs. In this blog post, we have curated a list of the 10 best digital watches for men, ranging from affordable options to high-end models. So, whether you’re a tech enthusiast or simply looking for a reliable and stylish timepiece, read on to discover the best digital watches for men.

1. Casio G-Shock (DW9052-1V)

The Casio G-Shock DW9052-1V is a highly popular and durable digital watch that can withstand tough conditions. Its shock-resistant construction and 200-meter water resistance makes it ideal for outdoor activities and sports. The watch features a stopwatch, countdown timer, and multi-function alarm, as well as an EL (Electro-luminescent) backlight with afterglow for easy visibility in low-light conditions.

A Casio G-Shock DW9052-1V Men's Digital Watch

It has a sleek and modern design, with a black resin band and case, and a digital display with large easy-to-read digits. The watch’s face is protected by a scratch-resistant mineral crystal, ensuring it looks great for years to come. Additionally, the watch has an auto-calendar function, which is pre-programmed until the year 2099.

Price range: $45 – $80

2. Timex Ironman Classic 30 (TW5M485009J)

The Timex Ironman Classic 30 (TW5M485009J) is a great entry-level digital sports watch with a simple yet stylish design. Its Gray resin strap and 45mm case are durable and lightweight, making it perfect for workouts or everyday wear.

A Timex Ironman Classic 30 TW5M485009J Men's Digital Watch

The watch features a large digital display with easy-to-read numerals, as well as an Indiglo backlight for low-light conditions. It has a 100-hour chronograph, 100-lap memory, and 24-hour countdown timer, as well as three alarms and a 24-hour military time mode.

The Ironman Classic 30 is also water-resistant up to 100 meters, making it suitable for swimming and snorkeling. Overall, this watch is a reliable and affordable option for anyone looking for a simple yet functional digital sports watch.

Price range: $40 – $60

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3. Armitron Sport (40/8252BLK)

The Armitron Sport 40/8252BLK is a sleek and stylish digital sports watch that offers a wide range of features at an affordable price. Its black resin band and case give it a sporty and modern look that can be worn in any casual setting.

A Armitron Sport 40/8252BLK Men's Watch

The watch has a large digital display that shows the time, date, and day of the week. It also has a stopwatch, countdown timer, and alarm, making it a great choice for athletes or anyone who needs to keep track of their time.

The watch is powered by a quartz movement and has a water resistance of up to 100 meters. Additionally, It has a backlight that illuminates the display in low-light conditions, making it easy to read at night.

Price range: $20 – $40

4. Timex Expedition Grid Shock (TW4B02500)

The Timex Expedition Grid Shock TW4B02500 is a unique and durable digital watch designed for outdoor adventures. It features a shock-resistant resin case that is built to withstand tough conditions. It has a large digital display with Indiglo night light, making it easy to read in low light conditions.

A Timex Expedition TW4B02500 Digital Watch

The watch also includes multiple features that are useful for outdoor activities, such as a 24-hour countdown timer, 3-time zone, and hydration alarm. The watch is water-resistant up to 100 meters, making it suitable for swimming and snorkeling. It is powered by a quartz movement and has a long battery life.

Price range: $100 – $150

5. SUUNTO Core (SS050504000​)

The Suunto Core SS050504000 is a robust and rugged outdoor watch that offers a wide range of features for outdoor enthusiasts. It has a large, easy-to-read display that provides all the essential information needed for outdoor activities, including a compass, altimeter, and barometer.

A SUUNTO Core SS050504000 Digital Watch

It features a sleek and stylish design that is perfect for everyday wear. The black-reddish face with white markings is easy to read, and the red highlights add a pop of color to the overall design. It also has a comfortable fabric strap that fits securely and comfortably on the wrist.

The watch comes with a user-replaceable battery, which makes it easy to keep the watch running smoothly. The battery life of the Suunto Core SS050504000 is impressive, lasting up to a year, even with regular use of the various features.

Price range: $250 – $350

6. Casio Twin Sensor (SGW600H)

The Casio Twin Sensor (SGW600H) is a great outdoor watch for men who enjoy hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities. It has a rugged design with a resin case and strap that can withstand harsh conditions. The watch features a twin sensor that includes a compass and thermometer, allowing you to navigate and monitor the temperature during your outdoor adventures.

A Casio Twin Sensor SGW600H Digital Watch

It has an easy-to-read display with large numerals and a LED backlight for visibility in low-light conditions. The stopwatch function can measure elapsed time, split time, and first and second-place times, making it perfect for timing outdoor activities. Additionally, the watch has a countdown timer and five daily alarms, ensuring you don’t miss any important appointments or events.

Price range: $50 – $70

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7. Casio Waveceptor (WV58A-1AVCR) 

The Casio Waveceptor WV58A-1AVCR is a digital watch that is designed to keep perfect time thanks to its atomic timekeeping function, which automatically synchronizes with the time signal from atomic clocks around the world. This means that you can rely on this watch to be accurate to the second, no matter where you are in the world.

A Casio Waveceptor WV58A-1AVCR Digital Watch

In addition to its atomic timekeeping function, the Casio Waveceptor also features a range of useful functions, including a stopwatch, countdown timer, and world time display

The design of the watch is simple and understated, with a black resin case and band and a grey dial. The watch is lightweight and comfortable to wear, making it an ideal choice for everyday wear or for outdoor activities.

Price range: $25 – $50

8. Casio Pro Trek (PRG-270-1)

The Casio Pro Trek PRG-270-1 is a high-performance digital watch designed for outdoor enthusiasts. Its rugged and durable design makes it perfect for hikers, climbers, and campers. It features a triple sensor, which includes a compass, thermometer, and barometer/altimeter, allowing you to accurately navigate and monitor weather conditions. The watch also has a world time function, 5 daily alarms, and a stopwatch.

A Casio Pro Trek PRG-270-1 Digital Watch

One of the standout features of the PRG-270-1 is its solar-powered battery, which can last up to 9 months on a single full charge. The watch is also water-resistant up to 100 meters, making it suitable for swimming and snorkeling.

The design of the watch is sleek and sporty, with a black resin band and a stainless steel case. The digital display is easy to read and includes an LED light for low-light conditions.

Price range: $150 – $200

9. Casio G-Shock (GD400-9CR)

The Casio G-Shock GD400-9CR is a rugged and durable watch designed to withstand harsh conditions. It has a unique and eye-catching design with a round resin case and an easy-to-read dial. The watch is shock-resistant and water-resistant up to 200 meters, making it suitable for outdoor activities like hiking and water sports.

A Casio G-Shock GD400-9CR Digital Watch

It features a stopwatch, a countdown timer, and 5 daily alarms. It also has a calendar that displays the date and day of the week. The LED backlight makes it easy to read the time in low-light conditions. The Casio GD400-9CR has a comfortable resin strap with a buckle closure that ensures a secure fit.

Price range: $100 – $150

10. Timex Classic (T78587)

The Timex Classic (T78587) is a simple yet stylish digital watch that is perfect for everyday wear. The watch features a silver-tone resin case and stainless steel expansion bracelet, which gives it a durable and sporty look. Its digital display is clear and easy to read, with large numbers and a backlight for low-light conditions.

A Timex Classic T78587 Men's Digital Watch

One of the standout features of the Timex Classic is its 100-hour chronograph with lap and split times. This is a useful tool for anyone who wants to track their workouts or runs. Additionally, It has a 24-hour military time mode and alarm function, making it a versatile timepiece for a variety of activities.

The Timex Classic is water-resistant up to 30 meters, which means it can withstand splashes and brief immersion in water. However, it is not suitable for swimming or diving. 

Price range: $40 – $70


In conclusion, the world of digital watches is vast and diverse, offering a range of styles and designs to suit various needs and preferences. Our list of the 10 best digital watches for men highlights some of the top options on the market, from classic and simple designs to more advanced and feature-packed models. Whether you’re looking for a watch for outdoor activities, sports, or everyday wear, there is a digital watch out there that is perfect for you. We hope this guide has helped you find the best digital watch for your lifestyle and needs.

If you have any questions about digital watches, please feel free to leave a comment below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.


  1. Hey! I’m in love with the sleek design of the Suunto Core SS050504000, but I’m not sure if it’s suitable for swimming. Can you provide any insights on its water resistance?

    1. Hey there! The Suunto Core SS050504000 indeed has a sleek and modern design that catches the eye. When it comes to water resistance, it’s important to note that this watch is rated to be water-resistant up to 30 meters. While it can handle small splashes and accidental exposure to water, it’s not recommended for swimming or any water-related activities. For swimming, it’s generally advised to look for watches with a water resistance rating of at least 100 meters. This ensures the watch can withstand the pressures and movements associated with underwater activities. So, you should consider other options for swimming activities!

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