Seiko SNXS77 Watch Review: The Best Value Seiko 5

Welcome, watch enthusiasts, to our in-depth review of the Seiko SNXS77, a timepiece that just might be the ultimate value proposition in the world of Seiko 5 watches. If you’re on the hunt for a watch that combines heritage, style, and affordability, you’re in for a treat.

Join us as we delve into the details of this iconic timepiece, exploring its dimensions, design, movement, and more. Get ready to discover why the Seiko SNXS77 could be the perfect addition to your watch collection. Let’s get started!

Seiko 5 Automatic SNXS77 Watch
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Dimensions and Design

The Seiko SNXS77 features a 37-millimeter case diameter with a lug-to-lug measurement of 43 millimeters. The lug width is 19 millimeters, offering versatility when it comes to customization for straps.

Seiko 5 Automatic SNXS77 Crown View
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Seiko 5 Automatic SNXS77 Side View
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The fully polished case showcases sleek angles and a recessed crown at the 4 o’clock position, contributing to its classic appeal. The bracelet, which is fully brushed, adds to the vintage aesthetic of the watch. It is worth noting that the design of this model dates back approximately 40 years, a testament to its enduring style.


The dial of the Seiko SNXS77 is truly captivating. With its sunburst finish, it exudes an understated elegance. Depending on the lighting conditions, the dial transitions between a deep black and a burst of mesmerizing blue.

Seiko 5 Automatic SNXS77 Dial
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The lume-applied hour markers are meticulously crafted, exhibiting excellent finishing. While close inspection might reveal minor imperfections on the edges, considering its price point of around $150, the dial is impressively well-executed. The symmetrical layout and the absence of a second hand filled with lume lend a balanced and sophisticated look.


Opinions on the Seiko 5 bracelets vary, but the Seiko SNXS77 model pleasantly surprised users with its comfortable wearing experience. Despite its slim and delicate links, the bracelet is flexible and conforms to the wrist effortlessly. While some may prefer a thicker bracelet, this slender design adds to the vintage character of the watch and has its own charm.

Movement and Performance

One of the highlights of the Seiko SNXS77 is its reliable 7s26 automatic movement. While it may not be the most accurate movement, it offers exceptional dependability. The 7s26 movement is known for its resilience, making it highly unlikely for the watch to stop unexpectedly. With a simple push-pull crown, setting the time and date is straightforward.

Seiko 5 Automatic SNXS77 Back
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Additionally, this automatic movement possesses a power reserve of approximately 42 hours when fully wound, ensuring reliable timekeeping over an extended period. In terms of accuracy, this particular model has been keeping time within a range of around plus or minus five seconds per day, which is commendable for its price range. However, it is important to note that this watch lacks a hacking function and cannot be manually wound.

Water Resistance

The Seiko SNXS77 boasts a water resistance rating of 30 meters, providing adequate protection against splashes and brief immersion. However, it is essential to note that this watch is not suitable for swimming or diving. The hardlex crystal, although not as scratch-resistant as sapphire, offers sufficient durability for everyday wear.

Area for Improvement

The Seiko SNXS77 watch could be more comfortable if its lugs were placed differently. Currently, the lugs are in the middle of the case, which makes the watch look like it’s floating on the wrist. In traditional designs, the lugs are closer to the bottom of the case, which helps the watch hug the wrist better. Repositioning the lugs to the lower part of the case would improve the watch’s ergonomic fit and wearer’s comfort. This change would allow the watch to wrap around the wrist more naturally and enhance the overall wearing experience.


Priced at around $150, the Seiko SNXS77 represents excellent value for a timepiece with such a rich history and enduring design. Seiko’s reputation for quality craftsmanship is evident in this model, making it an attractive option for watch enthusiasts and those seeking an affordable yet stylish wristwatch.

Final Thoughts

After thoroughly reviewing the Seiko SNXS77, we can confidently say that it is a testament to Seiko’s expertise in watchmaking. With its vintage-inspired design, reliable movement, and reasonable price point, it is undoubtedly one of the best value Seiko 5 watches available today.

Although there may be minor areas for improvement, such as the lug placement and limited adjustment options on the bracelet, these do not detract from the overall appeal and exceptional craftsmanship of the watch. Whether you’re an experienced watch collector or a first-time buyer, the Seiko SNXS77 is a timeless timepiece that combines style and performance.

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