SEIKO Tank SWR049 Review

Are you a fan of the iconic Cartier Tank but hesitant to splurge on its luxurious price tag? Look no further! SEIKO presents a remarkable timepiece that offers the perfect blend of elegance and affordability—the SEIKO Tank SWR049. Inspired by the renowned Cartier Tank, this watch captures the essence of its design while providing a more accessible option for watch enthusiasts.

In this detailed review, we will analyze the aesthetics, design, and functionality of the SEIKO Tank SWR049, and discuss whether this affordable alternative to the Cartier Tank deserves a spot in your watch collection. Let’s get started!

A rectangular Seiko watch with a white dial and a black leather strap, resting inside an open white box.
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Dimensions and Design 

Crafted with a stainless steel case, the Seiko SWR049 exhibits a perfect blend of polished and brushed finishes. It boasts a compact size, measuring 44mm lug to lug and 29mm from left to right.

Close up of crown side of the Seiko Tank.
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Close up of side view of the SEIKO Tank SWR049 Watch.
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With a slim profile of only 6mm, this watch is an ideal choice for dress occasions. Weighing approximately 35 to 45 grams, it is incredibly light on the wrist. The push-pull cabochon crown adds to its sleek aesthetic.

The Elegant Dial

The dial of the watch is a perfect blend of simplicity and elegance. Its pristine white background provides an excellent canvas for the black Roman numeral hour markers, creating a visually striking contrast. Adding a touch of sophistication are the delicate black hands that gracefully glide across the dial.

Close up of the SEIKO Tank SWR049 watch dial.
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While the absence of lume may be expected in a dress watch, the highly contrasting elements make it effortless to read the time even in different lighting conditions. Moreover, the dial is covered with a curved Hardlex (mineral) Crystal. The overall aesthetic exudes a refined and classic charm, making it the perfect choice for formal settings.

The Strap

Crafted from supple leather, the strap of the Seiko SWR049 offers a comfortable wearing experience. However, due to its thinness, it may show signs of wear sooner than expected. The polished stainless steel buckle bears a distinctive signature, imparting a subtle touch of luxury. Despite its thinness, the strap harmonizes beautifully with the watch’s slim profile, enhancing its overall elegance.

Movement and Performance 

Powered by a Japanese quartz movement, Caliber 4N30, the Seiko SWR049 ensures accurate timekeeping without the ticking second hand that often detracts from the premium look of a watch. While it may not possess the renowned Swiss quartz movement found in the Cartier Tank, the SEIKO timepiece still offers reliable and precise performance.

Close up of the SEIKO Tank SWR049 Watch Back.
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Water Resistance 

With a water resistance rating of 30 meters, the Seiko SWR049 is not intended for water-related activities. It is essential to avoid submerging this watch or exposing it to excessive moisture. Its primary purpose is to accompany you on formal occasions, where water resistance is not a significant concern.


One of the most appealing aspects of the Seiko SWR049 is its affordability. Priced at approximately $149 (which may vary depending on the retailer you buy it from), this watch presents an excellent opportunity for those who admire the Cartier Tank but are unwilling to invest a substantial amount of money. The Seiko SWR049 allows you to scratch that itch and enjoy a timepiece with similar aesthetics without breaking the bank.

Note: Other models of Seiko Tank are also available in smaller sizes for women, as well as in gold-tone case and dial for men.

Final Thoughts 

To wrap up the review, the SEIKO Tank SWR049 is a great watch for anyone seeking an affordable alternative to the Cartier Tank. While it does not possess the same prestige as its inspiration, the Seiko SWR049 successfully captures the essence of the iconic design. Its compact dimensions, elegant dial, and reasonable price make it an attractive option for those who appreciate the timeless appeal of square or rectangular watches. 

However, it should be noted that this timepiece is best suited for dressier occasions and may not satisfy the preferences of sporty watch enthusiasts. Overall, the Seiko Tank SWR049 is a worthy addition to SEIKO’s lineup and offers an accessible gateway into the world of square watches.

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